Boarisch Steel Songliste

  Accept Princess of the Dawn  
    Balls to the Wall  
  AC/DC Highway to Hell  
    Whole Lotta Rosie  
  Black Sabbath Paranoid  
  Bon Jovi It's my life  
  DIO Holy Diver  
  Edguy King of Fools  
  Gotthard Anytime, Anywhere  
    Master of Illusion  
  Hammerfall Blood Bound  
    Hallowed be my Name  
    Let the Hammer fall  
  Helloween I want out  
  Iron Maiden The Trooper  
    Run to the hills  
    2 Minutes to Midnight  
    Fear of the dark  
  Judas Priest Rapid Fire  
    Breaking the Law  
    Heading out to the Highway  
    Electric Eye  
    Living after Midnight  
    Metal Gods  
    Turbo Lover  
    The Green Manalishi  
    You´ve got another Thing comin  
  Manowar Heart of Steel  
    Warriors of the World  
  Metallica Enter Sandman  
    For whom the bell tolls  
    Whisky in the Jar  
    Seek and Destroy  
  Motörhead Ace of spades  
  Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train  
  Pretty Maids It comes at Night  
    Future World  
  Primal Fear Hounds of Justice  
  Saxon Solid Ball of Rock  
    Power and the Glory  
    Wheels of Steel  
  Volbeat Sad Mans Tongue  
    Warriors Call  
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